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"The Good Office"- כתב העת ליחסים בינלאומיים

"The Good Office" הוא כתב העת האקדמי הרשמי של IDI ומשמש פורום לניתוח ודיון בנושאים אקטואליים של עניינים בינלאומיים בכל אזורי העולם.


"המשרד הטוב" מקבל בברכה תרומות של אנשי מקצוע מדיפלומטיה, חוקרים אקדמיים וסטודנטים. מעוניין לתרום ולהוסיף את המאמר שלך? אנא צרו קשר עמנו!



The Return of Power Politics? Russia’s War in Ukraine from a Neorealist Perspective
By Nico Wolbrandt

Nicolas Wolbrandt holds a degree (BA) in Public Administration and Politics. His studies lead him to several academic trips, including France. He has a particular interest in Middle East & Eastern Europe politics involving international and regional organisations.


The Umpteenth Scenario of the Clash Between Western Powers and Russia in Africa
By Margherita Di Gasbarro

Margherita Di Gasbarro is a student of International Relations in the beautiful city of Rome currently enrolled in the Master's degree at La Sapienza University. During my studies, she thoroughly analysed Asian countries' foreign policy and geopolitical dynamics involving Western European countries, as well as common law systems and their peculiarities. This year she spent a few months studying in France and she is currently deepening her knowledge of development aids, focusing on cases in the Asian continent, their role in a country's foreign policy and how they influence the global political balance and diplomatic relations between countries involved.

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