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President's Messege

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Dear Friends,

IDI is a dream comes true for me, as a student of law and Foreign Affairs, I see no other thing as important as learning and connecting.

The key idea is to meet other students with the same passion for diplomacy, and getting to know them, and learn with them different topics of foreign affairs.

Since I was a teenager in Australia I understood the importance of diplomacy and understanding people and cultures. In recent years I took part in different programs of diplomacy and leadership, and in the new path I've taken with IDI, with the help of the team, we take diplomacy to another level.

In this diverging world what we have is each other, peace and diplomacy are important for world stability, and as the next generation of diplomats it is our responsibility to study and connect in order to stich our differences in the understanding of the better for humanity.

The International Diplomacy Initiative is the platform for us, the young diplomats to excel in what we do.

Wishing to see you in our different activities and chapters.

Tal Zelinger

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